Beeswax Sheets 10 Pack Natural


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Natural Beeswax Sheets – Pack of Ten

Make your own rolled beeswax candles with these natural beeswax sheets. All of our beeswax sheets are made from 100% pure beeswax which has been filtered to remove impurities which allows the finished candles to burn very cleanly.


Color: A light lemon – yellow
Odour: A faint odour of honey
Form: Sheets 420mm x 200mm
Made in: New Zealand

Wick suggestion

Start with a 300mm CDN28 & cut off the tab and depending on how your candle burns go up or down 1 size.


Little OwlEach full sheet makes a candle 2.5cm – 3cm in diameter x 200mm and can be cut to size. Pure crude beeswax cappings are gently melted over clean un-treated bore water and then allowed to settle. The molten beeswax is then micro filtered to remove impurities before being passed through a pelletising machine.


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