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At Candle Creations, we know that a quality candle starts with quality ingredients—and that you and your customers will undoubtedly notice the difference. Partnering with us guarantees that the excellence of your candles will be remembered and cherished well beyond their price. 

In partnering with Candle Creations you are joining a community that thrives on excellence and mutual growth. First and foremost, Candle Creations is proudly 100% New Zealand owned and operated, meaning every purchase supports Kiwi staff and bolsters the local economy. We stand out by offering only premium quality ingredients for candle making, rigorously tested by expert chandlers to ensure they meet our high standards.

Candle Creations has strong ties to global suppliers and industry organizations; we source our products in bulk directly from the world’s finest manufacturers, maintaining a high stock level to meet your needs promptly. Our delivery system is fast, eco-friendly, and based locally. Our compliance with EPA standards for health and safety further underscores our commitment to quality and responsibility.

We don’t compete with you in the market. Other suppliers in New Zealand sell ingredients as an add-on to their main business of candle making. Candle Creations does not have a production line, nor are we affiliated with any candle brands. We are about supporting you and your candle making endeavors, not selling our own brand of candles. In fact, Candle Creations is the ONLY New Zealand based candle supplies company that is dedicated 100% to supporting the candle making industry in New Zealand.

With twelve years of experience, we bring global insights and connections to the New Zealand candle making community, ensuring you’re always at the forefront of industry trends and innovations.

Thankyou for your loyalty and for shopping local.

The Candle Creations Team

kiwi owned and operated

100% NZ Owned

We are NZ owned and operated for over 12 years with experience and first hand knowledge. When you buy from us you are supporting Kiwi staff and the local economy.

Quality Products

Quality Products

Premium quality ingredients sourced & tested directly by expert chandlers for candles. If a product doesn’t meet our strict testing criteria, we won’t stock it!


We don't sell candles

We are  100% committed to supporting the NZ candle making community, helping your business to grow and prosper. The stock in our warehouse is for you, and you only.

Bulk Source

Source in Bulk

We source in bulk (fresh and direct) from the worlds best manufacturers. We also maintain a high stock value so we’ve usually got what you need, when you need it!

Fast Delivery

Fast Delivery

Your order ships from Auckland, not flown in from Sydney, or China! Enjoy local shipping rates, local support, priority options, same or next day dispatch, and free shipping on orders over $175!


EPA Compliant

EPA compliant for your health and safety – if there’s no EPA fine print on your fragrance, it’s not compliant! Plus all fragrances are phthalate free, not tested on animals and paraffin free.



We are conscious of the impact we have on the world and try to source products that are sustainable and natural. We promote the concepts of “re-using” and “re-filling” for all our candles.

Expert Advice

Expert Advice

Whether it be how to make one candle or a thousand our product knowledge and strong supplier relationships make us the industry leader. We’re here to help and offer a range of candle classes.