Wood Wicks

We have a new range of wood wicks which we are sure you will love!

Recently the manufacturer of the wood wicks stopped oiling their wicks and some customers reported to us that the dry wicks would not light as well as they used to. We listened, and after discussing with the factory we have decided to phase out the old wood wick and move to the booster wick. It is the same wood wick, a lighter colour, but with a booster strip….a much better performing wick with Soy.

The Booster Wick is available in various sizes and thicknesses combined with a 4.8mm “booster” strip adhered vertically down the centre of the wick. The Booster Wick is an ideal option for soy wax and vegetable wax blends, beeswax candles or candles with heavy fragrance or dye loads.

Please be sure to keep the wicks trimmed to no more than 5mm above the wax. If they are too high, natural wood can self-extinguish before it has a chance to capillary the wax up for fuel. This is normally a quick fix for both the old style wick and the new booster wick.

Burning Guide

  1. Wood Wick: Up to 60mm
  2. Booster Wood Wick: Up to 76mm
  3. Booster Wood Wick: 77mm – 83mm
  4. Booster Wood Wick: 84mm – 100mm

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