How to make a rolled beeswax candle

How to Make a Rolled Beeswax - purchased
Plain Rolled Candle
  1. Use a whole sheet or place the sheet on a cutting mat and cut to the required length using a sharp knife.
  2. Warm the wax gently with a hairdryer to make it soft and pliable. Sometimes just being in a warm room is enough. Be careful as heating it too much will melt it!
  3. Cut the wick so it is 5mm longer than the beeswax sheet. Lay the wick along the edge of the beeswax sheet and carefully crimp the wax over the wick with your fingers.
  4. Applying even pressure with both hands, begin to roll the candle using your palms, making sure to keep straight so the bottom of the candle will be even when it is completely rolled.
  5. Press the seam (edge) of the sheet down to keep it from unrolling (if necessary heat again to stick it down).
  6. Now you can add glitter or any other decorations, and your candle is ready!
Shaped Beeswax Candles

Square – Start to roll the candle in the normal way. After 3-4 rolls, start to square the candle by pressing it down on a flat surface, turning it ¼ turn & flattening again. As the candle grows the corners can be pinched to help with the squaring. Finish by not pinching on the last 2 rounds, then trim the wax on a corner & flatten.

Taper – Cut sheet diagonally.
*For a full taper (top to bottom) cut diagonally from opposite end corners.
*For a “pencil top” taper (only the top is tapered) cut diagonally from even points further in towards the middle of the sheet.
Use one half, or lay two halves on top of each other to make a double taper, or even a triple taper with three pieces. Once the candle has been rolled, gently run your finger along the inside seam of the wax, spirally around the candle, pulling  the wax out to create a fluted taper.


We do not generally recommend adding fragrance oils to the beeswax sheet candles as the natural scent of the beeswax is quite strong and will blend with whatever scent you add, creating a different aroma from what you may desire. Never put scent directly on the wick – this will cause the candle to smoke. If you want to add some scent, either add a drop to the pool of melted wax while the candle is burning or add a few drops along the sheet while rolling it (only in honeycomb sheets as the cell structure will hold the scent).