Beeswax Pellets Certified Organic


Organic beeswax pellets come from New Zealand hives that meet strict Asure Quality organic requirements.

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Certified Organic Beeswax Pellets

Use certified organic and cosmetic grade beeswax pellets in lip balm, lotions, moisturisers, cotton food wraps, and more. Organic Pellets are made from Beeswax that come from a Beekeeper/Hives who is certified as Organic and has to adhere to strict guidelines as per the AsureQuality Organic requirements. AsureQuality

Organic Pellets are made from Beeswax that come from a Beekeeper/Hives who are certified as Organic. This also means the Varroa Mite treatments they use are also classified as organic.

We can provide a certificate to certify this organic beeswax has been assessed by AsureQuality Ltd and meets the requirements upon request. Please email us at


Color: A light lemon – yellow
Odour: A faint odour of honey
Form: Pellets 20mm x 7mm
Cosmetic Grade: Yes
Made in: New Zealand


Pure crude beeswax cappings are gently melted over clean un-treated bore water and then allowed to settle. The molten beeswax is then micro filtered to remove impurities before being passed through a pelletising machine.


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