Diffuser Tutorials

Diffusers offer an alternative to scented candles allowing you to enjoy the fragrances you love in situations where a flame might not be practical. We have a range of high quality diffuser oils, decorative reeds, assorted glass diffuser jars and mini hanging diffusers for use in the car and around the home.

Mix our Reed Diffuser Base Oil with our Fragrances and use in Reed Diffusers, Car Diffusers and Diffuser Flowers.

For reed diffusers we recommend a mixture of between 25-50% fragrance oil with 50-75% diffuser base however you should test your own ratios with your chosen fragrance as too much fragrance can prevent correct capilliary action of the reeds. This is especially the case with thicker fragrance oils such as vanilla; experimentation is the key. We have tested a number of fragrances at a ratio of 30/70 fragrance/oil and the scent throw is very good with 8 reeds.

For Car Diffusers and Diffuser flowers you can use up to a 50:50 mix depending on your desired intensity.


Reed diffuser base oil can damage painted surfaces. If spilled on delicate or painted surfaces clean with water immediately.


1. Select your diffuser jar, look in the description to see how many mls it holds.

2. Choose a fragrance. Calculate 30% of your jar’s capacity to find out how much fragrance is needed.

3. The remainder 70%, fill with base oil.

4. Mix and add your reed sticks.



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