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Our story

Candle Creations started way back in 2010, we grew out of the ashes of the Global Financial Crisis, the most challenging economic time many of us had ever seen. We actually started life as a small boutique candle manufacturer, like many of you are today, earning a living by making and selling soy candles. We taught ourselves how to make candles and melts, we researched, we tested, we measured, we honed our craft and we learnt from our mistakes. Back then, candle making was a fledgling industry and ingredients were hard to find; we had been buying in bulk from overseas and fellow chandlers began asking to buy some of our wax (GW464) so we helped by sharing what supplies we had. Then you asked for fragrance, and wicks, and jars, and we helped with all of that too.

By 2011 we took a risk, we made the decision to quit making candles commercially (losing that income) and focus solely on helping to support and grow the local industry. We poured our candle supplies profits back into the business, expanding our range and improving our systems, we forged relationships with the world’s best suppliers and we worked hard to negotiate better MOQ’s and pricing for our ever growing customer base. 

We have never lost sight of our roots; our mission is to help you to make beautiful candles that you can be proud to sell, gift, or use at home. Over the years we’ve taught thousands of customers how to make candles. We even invented the popular Chandler & Me Candle Maker. Today, we are the only full-service candle supplies company that is 100% NZ owned, 100% dedicated to candles, and is not affiliated with or owned by another candle making company (i.e, you are not buying your supplies from your candle making competitors).

Our continued focus on quality, value, and service has helped us grow to become the largest supplier of candle making supplies in New Zealand. We love helping our customers create beautiful products and, for those inclined, helping to grow your own small (and not so small) enterprises. We look forward to helping you too.

Brian and Emma Simpson (Owners).

Online Shopping

Candle Creations is a successful e-commerce company. We work hard to bring you the biggest range and best value products, delivered quickly and safely.

Global Sourcing

We search the planet to bring you beautiful products at the best price. Our focus is always on quality and value, so if a product costs a little more but is a lot better, we will stock it!


We are conscious of the impact we have on the world and try to source products that are sustainable and natural. We promote the concepts of “re-using” and “re-filling”.

Expert Advice

Whether it be how to make one candle or a thousand our product knowledge and strong supplier relationships make us the industry leader. We’re here to help.
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Candle Creations was borne out of a love of beautiful, natural candles and a desire to support the local industry. Originally we started as a boutique candle manufacturer (making scented soy candles) but it quickly became apparent that there was not a reliable source of candle making supplies in New Zealand. Other budding candle makers began coming to us seeking ingredients; so in 2010, armed with our knowledge of candle making, we made a strategic decision to stop making candles and focus 100% on supporting the industry to grow. We launched our online store and began selling wax, wicks, jars and of course, fragrance. Our range of candle making supplies has continued to grow and to this day we reinvest most of our earnings back into the business to support an expansive stock holding. We have moved warehouses four times over the years, each time doubling the amount of stock we can keep on hand.

We are an e-commerce company through and through. We chose e-commerce so that we can deliver the best value across our extensive range of products. By cutting out the cost of a retail store, re-seller margins and high administration costs we can keep prices down. We work hard to bring you an outstanding online experience, with in-depth knowledge about candle making and information to enable you to make an informed purchase, right through to leading “back-end” systems that ensure speedy delivery of your goods. We may not answer the phone every time, but that’s usually because we are busy getting your order to you quickly, affordably and without damage.

At the heart of our business is fragrance. It’s what we live and “literally” breath. We choose only the best fragrances from around the world and in most cases our fragrance oils can be used in candles, soap, reed diffusers, body products and more.

Our mission is to continue to be the preferred supplier to the natural candle making industry in New Zealand by continually providing exceptional customer service, sourcing the best products and offering the best value for money across our ever expanding range.

We are conscious of the impact we have on the world and try to source products that are sustainable and natural. We look forward to working with you on your project and you are welcome to contact us at any time.