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Thank you so much for your help, you’ve been amazing. Your whole website is the best actually, because I love all the help and tips on there that have helped me so much!


I really look forward to receiving my orders as I always get a beautiful note from Jaz which really puts a big smile on my face. Would love to order more just to receive Jaz’s notes. Keep up the great work and the wonderful customer service.

Karen 11/3/24

I love ordering from you guys, I wouldn’t go anywhere else! Products are top quality and dispatch is always incredibly fast!


The Premium Plus Starter Kit

Embark on a journey into the world of candle crafting with The Premium +Plus Starter Kit.

This kit provides all the essentials you need to craft stunning candles including The Candle Maker from Chandler & Me which makes candles in 30 minutes without any fuss or mess!

The Premium Candle Maker Starter Kit
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Layered Candles

Layered candles have swiftly become a favourite among both seasoned candle enthusiasts and newcomers alike. But what is it about these layered beauties that captivate so many? For starters, they offer an unmatched aesthetic appeal. The distinct layers of colours create a visual story, each hue representing a chapter filled with mood, atmosphere, and personality.

Select different fragrances for each layer, you can create a unique scent journey that evolves as the candle burns down. Have fun and have a play!

Layered candles rainbow

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