Citronella Candle Making Kit


Make your own Citronella Candles and keep those pesky bugs away!



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    Citronella Candle Making Kit

    Embrace the warmth and tranquility of outdoor living without the buzz and bother of mosquitos with our Citronella Candle Making Kit. This kit is thoughtfully designed for those who love to blend the art of candle making with the practical benefits of natural insect repellence. Citronella, known for its distinctive lemony scent, is celebrated not just for its refreshing aroma but also for its effectiveness in keeping pesky mosquitos at bay. Our kit includes everything you need to create two of your own citronella candles, featuring 2 ceramic jars with lids, fragrance and the right amount of wax!

    Whether you’re enjoying a quiet evening in your backyard, dining al fresco, or entertaining guests on the patio, these DIY citronella candles promise to enhance your outdoor experience by creating a serene, mosquito-free oasis.

    This kit includes the following items

    2 x Ceramic Mystique jars and lids

    1 x Bag of Gw464 Soy Wax

    2 x 30ml Citronella Fragrance Oil

    2 x ACS Wicks 6.0

    2 x Stickums

    2 x Wooden wick holders


    These candles are designed to be burnt outside to deter bugs and insects.


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