Get Started Bundle


Our Get Started Bundle is the perfect kit for all aspiring candle crafters!

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    Get Started Bundle

    Introducing our Get Started Bundle – the perfect kit for all aspiring candle crafters! Whether you’re a seasoned artisan or a complete beginner, this bundle includes everything you need to dive into the captivating world of candle making. Elevate your crafting experience and create your own personalized candles with professional results.

    1. Candy Thermometer: Measuring the temperature of your wax is essential for achieving the perfect candle consistency and ensuring a smooth, even burn.

    2. Pouring Jug: Craft your candles with ease using our durable and heat-resistant pouring jug. Its convenient spout allows for a mess-free and controlled pouring experience, making it simple to fill your candle molds or containers.

    3. Candle Testing Sheet Pad: Keep track of your candle-making experiments and progress with our exclusive testing sheet pad. This pad provides a dedicated space for you to record your wax blends, fragrances, and burning observations, helping you refine your candle-making techniques.

    4. 20x Wick Stickums: Securing wicks in your containers has never been easier! Our Wick Stickums offer a strong adhesive grip, ensuring your wicks stay in place during the pouring process and while the candle is burning.

    5. 20x Wick Holders: Achieve optimal wick positioning with our wick holders. These essential tools keep the wicks centered and straight during the cooling process, resulting in a polished and professional appearance.

    6. 20x Candle Warning Labels: Safety comes first! Our candle warning labels provide important safety instructions and precautions, ensuring your candles are responsibly labeled and ready for gifting or selling.

    The high-quality equipment included in this kit will set you on the path to candle-making success, while the testing sheet pad helps you refine your techniques and create candles that exceed expectations.



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