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This soy candle making starter kit makes 16 candles and includes a thermometer plus easy to follow instructions. The perfect way to get started making scented soy candles, also makes a great gift idea.


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    Soy Candle Making Starter Kit

    A crafty gift idea and the perfect way to learn how to make Soy Candles in lots of different sizes and types of containers. This Soy Candle Making Starter Kit contains everything you’ll need to create 16 scented soy candles in various sizes and comes with a full set of easy to follow instructions. This kit also includes a thermometer plus you get to choose your fragrance and a dye block colour.

    This kit includes the following items

    1kg of GW464 soy wax
    3 x Libbey 471 Mini Status Jars and lids
    12 x Polycarbonate tea light cups
    1 x Libbey 2328 Clear Medium sized jar
    1 x Brushed Nickel lid for 2328 jar
    6 x Wick Tabs (used to make a wick from offcuts)
    Wick selection (1 x ACS 7.5 – 2328, 3 x ACS 4.0 Mini Status jars, & 12 x ACS1.5 – Tea Lights)
    100ml Fragrance (choose from a range of popular options)
    1 x Dye Block (choose your colour)
    4 x Wick Holders
    4 x Wick Stickers (for the glass jars)
    1 x Thermometer
    Instruction Sheet


    Consider purchasing some extra fragrances if you would like to create a few different scented candles.
    General items you will need which are not included in the kit are a pyrex jug (to melt and pour your wax from) and a pot to create a stove-top double boiler.