Candle Testing Sheet Pad


Optimize your candle-making process with our Candle Testing Sheet Pad, featuring 20 sheets to record and analyze crucial variables for consistent, high-quality candles.

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    Candle Testing Sheet Pad

    Discover the perfect balance of art and science in candle making with our Candle Testing Sheet Pad. Designed to elevate your candle-making process, this comprehensive pad offers 20 testing sheets, each equipped with essential recording fields to track and analyze your candle experiments. With this pad, you can fine-tune your creations to perfection, ensuring consistent results every time.

    Key Features:

    Precise Data Recording: Each testing sheet provides dedicated spaces to record vital information, including:
    – Ambient Room Temperature: Monitor the temperature during candle production for accurate analysis.
    – Type of Wax Used: Keep track of the specific wax variety employed in your candles.
    – Type/Size of Wick Used: Note down the wick specifications, aiding you in identifying the most suitable option.
    – Fragrance and Percentage: Record the fragrance type and its concentration in your candle composition.
    – Wax Melting Temperature: Track the temperature at which your wax melts for optimal pouring conditions.
    – Fragrance and Pouring Temperature: Record the ideal temperature for adding fragrance to achieve the best scent distribution.
    – Type of Jar Used: Note the jar type utilized to assess its impact on burn characteristics.

    Performance Assessment: Evaluate your candle’s performance using the following parameters:
    – Wick Mushrooming: Monitor the wick’s tendency to form mushroom-like shapes during burning.
    – Melted Edge: Keep track of whether your candle has melted to the edge, indicating proper burn performance.
    – Depth of Melt Pool and Hours Burned: Measure the depth of the melt pool and note the number of burning hours to optimize burn time.
    – Cold Throw and Hot Throw: Rate the scent intensity when the candle is unlit (cold throw) and when burning (hot throw) for accurate fragrance assessment.

    Comprehensive Note-Taking: Capture your observations and insights in the dedicated notes section, allowing you to refine your techniques and replicate successful outcomes.

    Whether you are an experienced candle maker or just starting your journey, our Candle Testing Sheet Pad is an indispensable tool. It empowers you to track crucial variables, identify patterns, and make informed adjustments, resulting in superior candles every time.

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