The Candle Maker +Plus

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Featuring a larger jug (1L capacity) and 4 advanced modes The Candle Maker +Plus is designed for melting larger batches and different types of wax.

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    The Candle Maker +Plus

    Designed in New Zealand by experienced Chandlers, The Candle Maker automates all of the critical steps in the soy candle making process to create a retail-quality candle in as little as 20 minutes. No other equipment is required; there’s no need for pots of boiling water, double boilers, you don’t even need a thermometer because there’s one built right in! This is without a doubt the “must have” piece of equipment for anyone interested in making candles at home. The +Plus version introduces 3 new modes making the unit more versatile for larger batches and a broader range of waxes and applications.

    Why you’ll love the +Plus

    • 4 modes giving you the versatility to make bigger batches (up to 1L) and melt a variety of waxes
    • Effortlessly make your own natural soy candles that look great and smell amazing
    • No bulky equipment or boiling water necessary, a very clean and safe process
    • Perfect for making small batches of candles for home, gifts, and more
    • Use with our pre-measured ingredients, or use your own*
    • Candles will perform as well as a retail candle, if not better!*
    • Save a small fortune by making your own candles at home
    • Have fun making candles as gifts for friends and relatives
    • Makes two medium sized candles in just 20 minutes
    • Fast clean-up and easy to store

    What’s in the box:

    • The Candle Maker +Plus appliance
    • Large size Chandler’s jug (1 litre capacity)
    • Instruction sheet

    Please note this is the multi-mode version and is supplied with the larger jug. This listing does not include ingredients. *Results may vary if using your own ingredients and recipes.

    User features:

    The Candle Maker +Plus takes care of the heating and stirring of your ingredients to deliver the perfect candle every time (subject to ingredients and environment). The intuitive display alerts you when it’s time to add ingredients and again when your candle is ready to pour. There’s no rush and no worries, The Candle Maker will guide you through the process and it will even wait for you if you’re busy elsewhere around the house; it’s a very safe and easy way to make great quality candles at home. The +Plus offers all the ease of the Crafter Edition but with many added features;

    • Small batch mode: This mode is the perfect for melting smaller quantities of wax and makes up to 2 medium sized candles in 20 minutes.
    • Large batch mode: This mode is for making use of the supplied 1 liter jug to double the batch size. Makes up to 4 medium sized candles in 40 minutes.
    • High heat mode: Take the temperature up a notch and easily melt harder waxes such as paraffin, palm and beeswax (results may vary).
    • Variable “play” mode. This mode gives you the ability to ‘toggle’ forward and back through the various phases of the candle making process. For example you could use your own thermometer and fast forward when your desired temperature is reached. After starting this mode by pressing button 3 you can press button 3 again at any time to move forward one stage or button 1 to move back one stage.  A creative mode where the possibilities are endless!

    Instruction Manual

    For more information and to review the instruction manual please click here.


    Power supply: 240V/ 50/60Hz Plug type: NZ/AU power plug with 1m cable Watts: 680W Number of pre-programmed modes: 4 Pre-set “add fragrance” temperature: Modes 1 and 2, 75C | Mode 3 82C | Mode 4 variable Pre-set “pour” temperature: Modes 1 and 2, 62C | Mode 3 75C | Mode 4 variable Pre-sets can have a variance of +/- 2C depending on the type of wax, other ingredients you use, and the ambient temperature of your room. These pre-set temperatures work perfectly with our own wax and also deliver good results with most of the common brands on the market. We display the pre-set temperatures for your information and whilst most wax brands will have differing melt and pour recommendations we encourage you to try our pre-sets first, moving to variable mode if you need to. Suitable for the following waxes: Soy container wax, soy tart and melt wax, soy blends (including coconut), palm, paraffin, beeswax. The unit is also designed for adding fragrance and colorants. We also find that it works well with some of the more popular melt’n’pour natural soap bases. We cannot vouch for the finish of your candle when using ingredients other than our own and we cannot offer technical support for other ingredients; your own testing is always required. Packaging: Packed in one box, 195mm W x 210mm H x 150mm D Shipping weight: 1.6 kg

    Twelve month (intended use) warranty

    The Candle Maker carries a 12-month warranty against manufacturing faults for intended use situations only. Should your unit malfunction please follow these instructions.

    Unintended or unauthorised use will void your warranty

    The Candle Maker is intended for making candles (and other approved products) on a small scale in a home based environment. Use it to make candles for yourself and as gifts for friends and family. The unit may also be used for making testers, samples and very small batches of bespoke candles within a boutique candle business. The Candle Maker is not an industrial grade manufacturing unit and is not intended to be a main source of production for a candle business producing more than 36 candles per week. If you make 360 candles per week, please buy 10 units. Using The Candle Maker for bulk production on a commercial basis will void your warranty. Using The Candle Maker within a class-based teaching environment on a commercial basis will also void your warranty. Should you wish to use our products for this purpose please contact us to discuss your options.

    Ingredients and end-product performance disclaimer

    The Candle Maker is designed to deliver the best results with the least effort when used in conjunction with our own pre-tested and pre-measured ingredients kits and packs. However The Candle Maker is approved for use with the many popular soy waxes and vegetable wax blends on the market today; whilst you are free to experiment with your own locally sourced soy wax, wicks, jars and and fragrances we are unable to vouch for the look or performance of your finished products. We cannot offer technical support when you use your own ingredients, other than for the appliance itself.

    Unauthorised ingredients and/or use

    Using any ingredients not already mentioned and approved on our website and official channels will void your warranty. Using the unit for any purpose other than that described on our website and official channels will void your warranty. If in doubt please ask and we will be happy to clarify any question.

    Care of your Candle Maker

    Always wash the jug with a warm soapy water after every use, rinse and dry. Once the heating element has cooled sufficiently, wipe it down with a damp cloth. If a spillage occurs on the heating element be sure to clean it quickly to prevent any liquid enter the internals of the unit. Beeswax and other hard waxes can become sticky and clog the stirrer, please take extra care when washing the pitcher by always removing the magnetic stirrer during cleaning and using hot – near boiling – water to melt away all residue. WARNING! NEVER IMMERSE THE MAIN UNIT IN WATER OR IN A DISHWASHER

    2 reviews for The Candle Maker +Plus

    1. taranathan5

      Fantastically easy to make a couple of candles at a time, a good way to test fragrances instead of doing a whole large batch.

    2. Mark

      It’s predictable that these Candle Makers sold out so quickly. Anybody who has used one will be instantly hooked. I bought my latest one for personal use at home after buying two units over a year ago for hobbies activities at my school. Got a bit jealous of the kids having so much fun making classy gifts for adult family members. Candle-making is a great hobby and these units make it so simple and enjoyable

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