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    Introducing the 15L Wax Melter

    Designed in New Zealand by experienced Chandlers, the Wax Melter allows you to make both small and large batches, and can melt up to 15 litres of wax. The Wax Melter has been designed for use with all types of waxes and oils commonly used in the manufacture of candles and soaps.

    The unit features a fully integrated, digitally controlled element, with two power settings, along with a fully programmable run timer and start time delay feature.


    • 15 litre capacity
    • Designed for use with all types of wax
    • Fully integrated digitally controlled element
    • Programmable run timer
    • Start delay feature


    Power supply: 240 V 50/60 hz with NZ/AU Plug
    Temperature Range: 30-100 degrees Celsius
    Packaging: Packed in one box, Length 330mm x Height 595mm x Width 330mm.
    Suitable for the following waxes: Soy, soy blends, palm, beeswax, paraffin, melt’n’pour soap, coconut wax

    Instruction Manual:

    For more information and to review the instruction manual please click HERE

    User Tips:

    • Take the lid off: The unit has a safety system that is designed to sense rapid increases in temperature and shut off when necessary. When you start melting each batch leave the lid off to allow excess heat to dissipate, this will help prevent overheat (Error 4) events.
    • Always start on 600W: The unit has two heating elements, always start on 600W and you can switch on the second element once the melt is underway. You may never even need to use 1600W unless melting harder waxes such as beeswax or for making larger batches of soy.
    • Volume of wax: Always start with a small volume of wax to begin with. Once this has melted, add in the remaining amount. This will help gauge the temperature of the wax more accurately.
    • Empty melter after use: It is necessary to empty the wax out of the melter after each use.

    12 reviews for 15L Wax Melter

    1. Alpna Sood

      Easy to use. Can melt large quantities quickly. Would be great to have a gauge to see the amount of wax in the melter.

    2. Rochelle White

      On first start heat error msgs about 6 times before get good melt

      • Brian Simpson

        Hi Rochelle, thanks for taking the time to review. To avoid the E4 safety shut off, always start the melt on low heat (600W) and be sure you have plenty of wax in the melter. Also, leave the lid OFF as we find that with the lid on there can be excess heat build up too quickly.

    3. Mati H

      E4 message always coming up and so have to reset it and reduce temp to a low heat and then gradually increase. But good! I love it lol

      • Brian Simpson

        Hi Mati, thanks for the review. To avoid the E4, always start the melt on low heat (600W) and be sure you have plenty of wax in the melter. Glad to hear you like the product.

    4. Julie Anne

      Love it – it makes candles making so much easier – more time for the fun bits – definitely recommend the thermometer gun with purchase if you don’t have one already. Would be great to get some tips re wax melt with it – eg, I also had issue with over heating errors – I got around it with melting some wax on the stove first, I now leave wax in the bottom to remelt – not sure if reheating the wax will affect the next batch of candles – time will tell.

    5. Vanessa Miller

      It is a very good machine for the price. Love the fact it has a 600w option so it doesn’t draw much power. Love the size of it too! The downside is the reset is below the machine when a fault code appears, and it takes a while before the wax melts in the tap. But other than that, a great option 🙂

    6. cam.yates

      Incredible! Has been such a game changer for making large and small batches of candles with way less hassle – really stoked with the melter and such a great price too!

    7. Sam

      Once it gets going works really well and the tap is fantastic. Like others I have run into the E4 error a lot, have tried with the lid off too. Great unit and definitely recommend, just wish the dry heat sensor wasn’t quite so sensitive.

      • Brian Simpson

        Thanks for the feedback Sam. The dreaded “E4” can be best managed by leaving the lid off, always ensure you are in 600W mode, and put plenty of wax flakes in the tank. We have to have a overheat shutoff system for safety reasons and will continue working to improve the performance for our customers.

    8. Deidre Rolston

      Hi, I keep getting the E4 message and worry the reset button will break as I have to do it a lot, but once it gets going, I love it.

      • Brian Simpson

        Hi Deidre, the E4 can be tricky at times. Try adjusting your target temperature to suit the type of wax you use, and experiment with varying mounts of wax at the start of the melt. Also stir the wax regularly so that excess heat can dissipate. Thanks for your feedback.

    9. Nicola King

      I have had a few issues with the E4 error message too, however, there are a few tips and tricks you can do that greatly helps! As suggested before, keeping on 600w and keeping lid off definitely helps. I’ve found that as I work in my garage (which is pretty cold during winter!), the E4 message may appear if I’m trying to get to heat up straight away to a temp of 82c. A tip that worked for me is to set the original temp a lot lower initially and then increase to the desired temp. This helped stop the E4 message coming up for me. With these tips and tricks I’ve found this wax melter really good! In fact it’s so good that I will be buying a second one for different wax. Don’t be put off by the E4 message!

    10. vicki

      Love this wax melter !!
      I read all the reviews first prior to purchasing so I always melt on 600w with the lid off never have any trouble > highly recommend .

    11. vicki

      I read all the reviews first prior to purchasing so I always melt on 600w with the lid off never have any trouble > highly recommend .

    12. slamdunkmr2

      I have mine sitting on small wooden blocks so my scales and mixing jug can fit under the tap. I make about 40×150 gram candles and quite a few melts at a time per use and don’t empty it between melts. I don’t have any trouble with e4 errors, I always leave the lid off for the first 10 mins or so and then put it back on otherwise the wax will get too hot. This is a great piece of kit that works well and saves me heaps of time.

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