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Fragrance and scents are something that feature in our daily lives from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to bed. But are their certain scents that appeal more to men? Over the past 5 years we have been hearing the term Man-Candles more and more often. It seems that mandles have grown in popularity and feature both candles designed specifically for men, plus a rise in more masculine scented candles – which of course, may appeal depending on personal tastes, no matter what your gender. 

This new direction is something that candle makers have had to address and are now catering for. Previously they may have focused solely on more floral or feminine scents but with today’s demands and with more men buying candles for themselves, the focus has shifted.

Masculine style vessels

These candles designed for men are great as gifts and the vessels reflect a more masculine style. Vessels such as candle tins or amber jars with black lids are very popular. They are also becoming an accepted gift for the man who has everything. But equally, Man-candles are being bought by men to accessorise their homes, office spaces and “man-caves” as a way of claiming their space in the household. 

Using Man-Candles can set a scene, creating a mood from calm to uplifted and productive to sensual. There really is a scent for every experience and creating a peaceful and comforting atmosphere can have profound mental health benefits, as well as defining a space. In addition, burning wood wick candles can evoke feelings of cosiness and romance, with the sensory feel of a log fire. 

Traditional Scents

Traditional masculine scents include cedarwood, which has soft woody tones; suede; spices and oakmoss. Scents reminiscent of a favourite aftershave or a simple clean crisp smell are also extremely popular and a good place to start if you’re looking for a more masculine scented candle.

We recommend trying Havana (which is a rich blend of musk, patchouli and tobacco, with spicy cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg), Tobacco & Honeywood, Whiskey and our latest fragrance Seasalt from our candle range if you enjoy more masculine fragrances. And don’t forget you can also use the fragrances in our Melt and Pour Shaving Soap or in a car diffuser!


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