The candle and candle jar design trends for 2024 reflect a broader movement towards sustainability, personalisation, and aesthetics that blend seamlessly with contemporary interior designs. Here are the top design trends currently shaping the market:

  1. Minimalist Aesthetics:

    The candle industry has always favoured clean lines when it comes to candle jars. You only have to look at some of the top selling brands such as Glasshouse candles and Ecoya candles with their clear glass minimal containers to see that this style with minimal aesthetics is timeless and continues to reign. The classic lines, simple shapes, and a neutral colour palette are what consumers prefer. This trend emphasises elegance and simplicity, allowing the candles to fit into a wide range of decor styles without overwhelming the space. Great examples of these include Libbey Lexington 2328, Libbey Candle Bowl 2996, Libbey Double Lexington 2339 and if you are looking for a glass lid then try out the Status 471 jar or the classic storage jars.

    Status 478 with optional glass lid

  2. Eco-Friendly Materials:
    There’s a significant shift towards using sustainable and eco-friendly materials both for candles and their containers. This includes soy or beeswax for the candles and recycled glass, metal, or biodegradable materials for the jars and tealights. The focus is on products that not only look good but also have a minimal environmental impact. The quality of the jar is also important as it determines whether it can be re-used and refilled in the future or whether it is a one time wonder jar that needs to be binned once the candle has burnt down.

  3. Vintage-inspired Designs:
    Vintage and retro designs are making a comeback, especially in candle jars. Embossed glass, intricate patterns, and classic shapes reminiscent of past decades offer a nostalgic charm that many consumers find appealing. These designs can be found in recycled glassware or amongst some of our classic shapes such as the storage jars or the classic geo jars.

  4. Bold and Artistic Labels:
    While minimalism dominates, there’s also a trend for bold, artistic labels that turn candle jars into statement pieces. These can include bright colours, unique illustrations, and typography that reflects the scent or brand personality, appealing to consumers looking for something that stands out. These labels can be created yourself or can be purchased online from a range of stockists. A great example of a company that has embraced this is Ecoya.Ecoya Candles Labels

  5. Personalisation and Customisation:
    With the rise of direct-to-consumer brands, there’s an increased demand for personalised and customisable candle options. To do this you might offer certain options on your website that could include choosing specific scents for customers, adding personal messages to candles, or selecting from various container designs for a more tailored experience.

  6. Functional and Reusable Containers:
    Consumers are increasingly drawn to candle jars designed for reuse, whether it’s a simple candle refill, a plant pot, storage container, or decorative item, if you know the science behind candle making then you can re-use these containers for candles – just be careful that the container of choice will not crack with the heat.

  7. Textured Surfaces and Unique Shapes:
    Moving away from traditional round jars, designers are experimenting with different shapes and textured surfaces. Faceted jars, geometric patterns, and tactile materials add a visual and sensory appeal, making each candle a unique piece of decor. These types of jars also reflect the glow of the candle wick giving an added dimension to the candle. A great example of this type of jar would be the Libbey Hexagon 6044 and the Libbey Bujarda glass jar.Libbey Hexagon Candle Cylinder Jar

  8. Natural and Earthy Elements:
    Reflecting the eco-conscious trend, designs incorporating natural and earthy elements like wood, stone (ceramic), or terracotta are gaining popularity. These materials complement the natural wax and fragrances used in candles, especially if you are using the wooden wicks in your jars. The ceramic jar collection is a perfect example of these natural earthy elements. The jars are also great for outside over summer or inside over winter.Mystique Ceramic Bronze and White Jar

  9. Translucent and Coloured Glass:
    Coloured and translucent glass jars offer a beautiful glow when the candle is lit, creating a warm and inviting ambiance. The Dream collection features a blue and orange coloured glass that is very on trend. This trend also includes a spectrum of colours, from soft pastels to rich jewel tones, allowing for customisation to match seasonal themes or decor styles. The amber vogue jars also offer a great seasonal alternative which is modern and elegant.Dream Jar Navy

  10. Luxury Finishes:
    For the luxury market, there’s an interest in high-end finishes like metallic accents, frosted glass, and crystal embellishments. These designs cater to consumers looking for opulence and sophistication in their home fragrances. The Renee range of jars features a metallic bronze bottom that looks divine filled with creamy soy wax.Renee Jar Ombre Copper

These trends indicate a move towards products that not only enhance the atmosphere through scent but also serve as a key component of home decor. Sustainability, personalisation, and aesthetic versatility stand out as key factors driving consumer choices in the candle market.

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