Tea Light Cups Polycarbonate


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Tea Light Cups Polycarbonate

Our Clear Polycarbonate Tea Light Cups are manufactured with 100% flame retardant polycarbonate. These clear cup will transfer the glow of your tea light candle into a warm glittering aura.


1. Non-toxic, recyclable polycarbonate – safe for the environment
2. Manufactured with UL 94 V-O rated polycarbonate
3. 37.8mm diameter x 18.8mm deep – Holds approx 25mls
4. Candle glows through the cup
5. Stay cooler – safe to touch
6. Burn time ranges from 4-6 hours depending on wick & wax used
7. Great for all waxes: soy, beeswax, paraffin, palm & vegetable

Wick Recommendation: Soy Wax ACS 1.0 or CDN 3. Beeswax : Start your trials around the CDN 8 (150mm) mark, bump up or down a wick size depending on the result of the melting pool.



We stock only the best V-0 rated polycarbonate cups. This material, if ignited, must self-extinguish within 10 seconds while a V-2 material is allowed up to 30 seconds. These standards were established by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and are used to grade the flammability of different plastics.


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