Candles are a key ingredient in making our homes cozy and smelling fantastic. However, store bought candles can be quite expensive, especially some of the well known brands. Luckily, an affordable way to keep that beautiful fragrance and ambiance in your home can be attained by refilling your old candle jars. That way, you can still get the same hygee feel with your favourite scent. Plus you can reduce your carbon footprint by re-using your jars time and time again. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing the benefits of soy wax and how you can use it to refill your candle jars at home.


Natural Soy Wax

Firstly, let’s talk about soy wax. Made from soybeans, this type of wax is completely natural, renewable, and biodegradable, making it an eco-conscious choice. Furthermore, soy wax is slower-burning, which means that candles using soy wax will last longer than those made from paraffin. The icing on the cake is that soy wax is non-toxic and doesn’t produce any harmful fumes when it burns, which is perfect for those who have allergies or suffer from asthma.


Prepare Your Candle Jar

When it comes to reusing candle jars, there are a few things you need to do. First, make sure the jar is completely empty of wax. You can do this by burning the candle for a few hours and then pouring out any melted wax or alternatively you can sit the candle jar in some hot water so it melts any remaining wax inside the jar and then you can dispose of this. Once you have no wax in your jar you can remove your wick and clean the jar. To remove the wick simply get a small tool (like a knife or spoon) to go underneath the metal wick tab and push upwards to release. You can then remove the wick. To clean your jar simply use hot water and a drop of detergent to get rid of any excess wax on the sides of the glass. Dry thoroughly. Once dry, you’re ready to refill.

Refill your candle jars

Refill Your Candle Jar

Now onto the refill process itself. If you have never made a candle before then you are in for a real treat – but we warn you it can be addictive.  If you have some knowledge then you can simply purchase some soy wax flakes and your favourite fragrance oil and get stuck in. The best way to make candles is in a double boiler or using The Candle Maker from Chandler & Me. The process is simple but if you want to take the guess work out of the process then head over to our knowledge section or take a candle class to find out more about making candles.

Once you have melted your wax your can wick your cleaned out jar and refill it with your freshly melted wax. Remember to let your candle cure for at least 48 hours to get the best out of your candle.


Eco-conscious and Economical

Refilling your candle jars with soy wax is an economical and eco-conscious way of creating more beautiful candles for your home. Don’t throw away those old candle jars simply wash and reuse. There are hundreds of delicious fragrance oils to choose from so why not take a look under your kitchen sink cupboard and dig out all of those half burnt candles today!