Soy Wax GW464

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Our biggest selling wax for making soy candles in containers. This wax gives a creamy finish and a great scent throw.
A good alternative to this wax is ASW S100 , ASW CocoSoy and ASW S16.

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Soy Wax: GW464

GW464 soy wax is regarded as the easiest of the soy waxes to use and is our best selling soy wax for making a soy container candle, it is also considered to give the best scent throw. This wax also has excellent glass adhesion properties and is resistant to frosting. A natural plant based wax that is GMO FREE and contains NO paraffin, NO unnatural additives and is also VEGAN and KOSHER. GW464 contains a natural soy-based additive which enables the soy to be poured at a hotter temperature reducing frosting and increasing fragrance load.

Manufacturer: Golden Wax USA Imported direct from factory: Yes GMO Free: Yes
Fragrance Load: 6% – 10% Fragrance Temp: 75-82°C Pour Temp: 60-62°C
Melt Point: 46-49° Form: Flakes Uses: Container candles, tea lights

Here's a tipMelt the wax to the suggested fragrance temperature before adding your fragrance. Stir fragrance for at least 2 minutes and allow the wax to cool to the recommended pour temperature before pouring to your jar.


We are proud to be partnered with Golden Wax Brands who are committed to sustainable sourcing, and are well aware of the important role they play in the food value chain. Through Better Sourcing, they engage to transform and go the extra mile to implement continuous improvement programs. They are constantly engaging with their suppliers to ensure that progress is made and that raw materials are produced in a sustainable way, protecting biodiversity and ecosystems and reducing the environmental impact, while safeguarding human rights and people’s livelihoods. Golden Wax has some key commitments and ambitions for the future these are:

  • 100 percent verified deforestation-free and conversion-free palm and soy supply chains by 2025
  • 150,000 trees planted by 2025
  • Empowering smallholders and women to improve livelihoods
  • Human rights due diligence embedded across all key raw materials by 2025. Together, we are Making Better Happen.

Candle Creations is the New Zealand agent for Golden Wax. Our wax comes to you fresh and direct from the USA manufacturer with a 100% quality guarantee (our wax is not parallel imported). Please contact us for current bulk pricing on pallet loads of wax (36 cartons per pallet). Note that pallet orders do not qualify for free shipping due to the heavily discounted rate.

Glossary of wax specifications

Fragrance Load (FL): This is the percentage of fragrance that can be added to the wax. Learn more here. Fragrance Temperature: The recommended temperature you should heat the wax to before adding your fragrance. Exceeding this temperature can damage the fragrance. Pour Temperature: The recommended temperature for pouring your wax (and fragrance) into the candle jar. Melt Point: The point at which the solid wax will melt, the lower the melt point the longer your candle will burn. This is also useful to know if you plan to transport or display your candles in a hot environment.

Additional information

Weight 5.231 kg
Dimensions 27 × 27 × 21 cm


  1. Debra Mains

    I am a complete newbie to this candle making and I bought this wax and some fragrance ….. the candles turned out
    amazing and the wax is super creamy and beautiful!! I can only say great things and Candle Creations – you rock!
    cheers Debra from Bossanova Clothing in Queenstown New Zealand 🙂

  2. Alicia Lynch

    Absolutely loooove this wax!!! Soft and creamy just the way it should be

  3. Courtney Larsen

    Beautiful creamy wax, the best I have used!

  4. Rebecca

    Bought this wax a few times, great product. Curing time needs to be longer than in the description, otherwise easy to pour and very consistent.

  5. natalieshubel

    The only wax I have used for candles and melts.
    For melts I find it ‘frosts’ a bit once it is set, can mostly be fixed by using a heat gun/hair drier once it is set to try smooth it out, it is quite a soft wax so I may try a different one for my melts next time.
    However I love this wax for my candles, no frosting at all, smooth finish, easy to work with, colours mix in well and it has a lovely scent throw.

  6. Amber Parker

    Tried this today for the first time today and i love it. Will be switching from Nature Wax which i have been using for a couple of years!
    I love the smooth creamy finish and it melts down so quickly.

  7. Kelly Maru

    Great product, doing other order soon

  8. Caitlin Burnett

    I only use this wax now! Easy to pour, smooth & creamy – great reviews on the scent throw from candle recipients also!

  9. Maia

    Absolutely love this wax, it’s the only wax I use and what I always recommend. It gives an amazing smooth finish. So easy to pour and works amazingly with one of the many frangrance options. And at a great price!

  10. Janna Peat

    Im new to melting wax and creating candle – this is simple, easy and always turns out as if done by a pro. Love it and everyone I have given a candle to raves about it as well!

  11. Mana Taupo

    Awesome sustainable product which creates a natural candle that blends well with the scented oils. Will continue to purchase.

  12. Jos Norgrove

    The only wax I have used and am totally happy with it. Very easy to work with and the end result is a nicely set candle.

  13. joyce tauranga

    been using this was for a few months now. its the best so far!:)

  14. honeyhair25

    Absolutely beautiful, you can’t go wrong with this wax, amazing to work with.

  15. Deanna Clarke

    Total beginner, but I’ve made a pile of medium and large sized soy candles (with your wonderful and easy to follow instructions) in vintage glass/crystal and they’re all amazing!! Super thrilled and I’ll stick with this wax. Many thanks!!

  16. Mark

    Ok, I’ll add my voice to the chorus of praise. Just finished a batch of candles in some of those beautiful Decoroc jars using GW464 for the first time. Very impressed. It’s easy to work with, and set with a perfect finish. My wax of choice from now on!

  17. briarrosewyatt

    i love this wax my candles come out so good with this wax it’s easy to use way easier than other wax’s I have used I’m not a total beginner but i would still class myself and new when it comes to making candles, but this wax has done me so good I’m really to start selling after a year of testing

  18. maggie Roberts

    Love this product have excellent results a creamy finish, have on very rare occasions had a cratering effect not sure why but easy to use, have been making candles for approx.2 1/2 yrs still learning Margy

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