ACS Tealight Wick 2.0 (33mm)


Diameter guide: 30 – 40mm

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ACS 2.0 Tealight Wick (33mm)

ACS series wicks are a flat braided candle wick made from textile-grade cotton and are developed to work best in natural waxes, especially soy wax. These wicks tend to burn cleanly and can be less prone mushrooming (subject to testing and fine tuning). ACS wicks are all natural and are Zinc and Lead free.


Material: Textile grade cotton
Diameter Guide: 30-40mm
Height: 33mm
Pre-tabbed: Yes
Pre-Coated: Yes
Made in: USA


This wick is suitable for our poly-carbonate tealight cups as well as our 5 hour and 9 hour aluminium tealight cups.

Approximate burn times with this wick are:
5 hour aluminium tea light holder – 6.5 hours
9 hour aluminium tea light holder – 12 hours
Poly-carbonate tea light holder – 9 hours
Note that these times will vary with different fragrances and wax types. Your own testing is required.

Our diameter guide is recommended as a starting point only and can vary depending on the type and amount of fragrance and wax you use. Your own testing is required to determine the best wick for your candle. Please refer to our tutorial, and the glossary below, for more detailed information.

Here's a tipTips

You do not need a Wick Stickum for tealights, simply drop the wick into the cup after you have poured the wax.
Tealight wicks are not suitable for Spa-lights or Maxi-lights, use a regular candle wick for these and cut them to length.

Glossary of wick specifications

Diameter Guide: This is a suggestion for the diameter of the glass jar, tin, bowl, or whatever type container you might use this wick for. Always measure the internal diameter (across the inside of the container) at the widest point.

Height: Tealight wicks are generally sold in two lengths/heights, 28mm and 33mm. The height of a wick is not as important as the thickness but note that a 28mm wick will be too short for the taller aluminium tealight cups.

Pre-tabbed: Each wick comes with a metal tab (sometimes called a sustainer) for attaching the wick the wick to the jar. the tab also acts as a safety device as it stops the candle from burning all the way to the bottom of the jar. Tabs are 15mm in diameter and between 3mm high.

Pre-coated: All wicks are pre-coated with food grade wax to help with initial lighting of the candle.

Additional information

Weight 0.438 kg
Dimensions 35 × 23 × 5 cm


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