Sphere Candle Pillar Mold

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This mold is a plastic sphere mold that is perfect for creating pillar candles. The mold makes 1 sphere candle that is 7cm in diameter.

Note: The candle mold for sale is for the smaller candle in the image.

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    Sphere Candle Pillar Mold

    The Sphere Candle Mold is easy to use and is perfect for making a pillar candle with a difference. The mold has an inbuilt stand which makes it easy to pour and has tabs which makes the release of the candle easy.

    Candle Dimensions: 7.0cm Diameter

    General Usage Guidelines
    Use with Soy Wax: Phoenix Pillar Blend/All Seasons A27 Palm Wax: Uniwax/Crystal Palm Paraffin Wax: Yes
    Diameter: 7.0cm Height: 6.5cm Wax: 125grms
    Suggested wick: ACS 5.5

    When preparing your mold make sure you have the 4 tabs placed in a clock format so one is pointing to the 12 position, one at 3, 6 and 9 positions. This will make for an easier release. Press the mold together well. Place the round stand with the wick hole on your table (this will be the top of your candle). Thread your wick through a wick holder and then through the hole in your mold placing the wick holder on what is the top of the mold, be sure to seal the hole around the wick with some blue tack. Check that the wick is running up the centre of the mold. Follow the instructions for the wax you are using and proceed to fill the mold.


    Here's a tipSuggested wick sizes are a recommended starting point only and your own testing is always required to determine the best wick for your candle recipe.

    1 review for Sphere Candle Pillar Mold

    1. Gina Hoepf

      Love these but they can be a bit tricky to unmold. I found that to wipe a little olive oil around the inside of both halves before pouring in the wax helps with release. The top half of the mold is fairly easy to gently leaver off. If the base proves stubborn, put the candle with its base attached in the freezer for ten minutes and that will make the base easy to release. Will purchase again as they make really cute candles.

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