Soy Wax Phoenix Pillar Blend

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Our new all natural pillar blend soy wax for making molded and pillar candles. This wax gives a creamy finish and a great scent throw.

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Pillar Wax: Phoenix All Natural Blend

Phoenix Pillar Blend Soy Wax is a naturally blended wax that is designed especially for molded and pillar candles. The wax blend is offered in a pellet form and is off-white in colour, with a smooth and creamy appearance.


Brand: Phoenix Wax Imported direct from factory: Yes GMO Free: Yes
Fragrance Load: 8% – 10% Fragrance Temp: 75-82°C Pour Temp: 62°C
Melt Point: 46-49° Form: Pellets Uses: Mold & Pillar Candles

Here's a tipMelt the wax to the suggested fragrance temperature before adding your fragrance. Stir fragrance for at least 2 minutes and allow the wax to cool to the recommended pour temperature before pouring to your jar.


Candle Creations is the New Zealand agent for Phoenix. Our wax comes to you fresh and direct from the USA with a 100% quality guarantee.

Please contact us for current bulk pricing on pallet loads of wax (36 cartons per pallet). Note that pallet orders do not qualify for free shipping due to the heavily discounted rate.

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Weight 20.4 kg


  1. Hayley

    Love it! So easy to work with, great scent throw, no frosting and colour looks amazing!

  2. Rachel Youngson

    I have struggled to use this for larger pillars. I am getting cracking still after the 4th attempt. It worked perfectly for smaller pillar candles.

  3. Angie Kasper

    Used this wax for torso molds. Had excellent results, nice and creamy with a nice scent.

  4. Gina Hoepf

    I have the same problem as Rachel. Following all the instructions including a slow pour and cooling slowly by wrapping the pillar mould in a couple of tea towels the candle comes out easily and looks great until a few hours later, hairline cracks appear down the length of the candle. Smaller pillar candles remain unaffected by whatever is causing this.

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