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Round Clamshell Mold for making Soy Melts

The clamshell mold is a quick and easy way to make scented soy wax melts for your oil burner. Each clamshell mold makes 6 round soy melts that are easily removed for use in your burner. Our clamshell molds are great for retail too, once your wax has set simply close the lid and add your label and your melts are packaged ready for sale.

Material: Plastic PVC Style: Round Clamshell
Avg. Cube Volume: 10ml Cube Cavities: 6
Cube Depth: 26mm Cube Width: 28mm
Cube Height: 16mm Max Temperature: 65ºC
Total Capacity (ml): 60 Wax Weight: 45 grams*
Overall dimensions: 110mm x 77mm x 25mm high
Front Panel dimensions: (for labeling purposes) 85mm x 65mm

Follow me for instructions to make a scented soy meltThese molds are compatible with the following waxes designed to give the best results with soy melts:
Golden Wax GW416 or GW5715
All Seasons Wax A27

Always heat soy wax to the manufacturers recommended temperature and add your fragrance, stir for two minutes and lower to the recommended pour temperature (this can vary with each wax) before pouring to your mould. Let the wax set fully before gently popping your melts from the mould or closing the mold for labeling.


Be careful not to heat the wax above the recommended pour temperature as this can damage the mold.
*Recommended wax weight allows for the addition of 10% fragrance which equal 6mls of fragrance.

Product Updates:

Please note that as of March 2019 there has been a slight change in the dimensions of our Clamshell Molds, this is due to sourcing our molds from a new factory:

Original Overall dimensions: 123mm x 80mm x 30mm high
Original Front Panel dimensions: (for labeling purposes) 98mm x 72mm
New product as of March 2019
New Overall Dimensions: 110mm x 77mm x 25mm
New Front Panel dimension 85mm x 65mm

Material: Plastic PVC which is heat-tolerant and has good chemical stability, making it the best material for wax melts molds. Products made from PVC are 100% recyclable (recycle code #3)

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Dimensions 23 × 19 × 30 cm


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