Soy Tart & Melt Wax


Use this new wax to make soy melts and tarts with our range of molds and fragrances.

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Soy Tart & Melt Wax: GW5715 (for making Soy Melts)

Soy tart & melt wax is a specialised wax developed for making soy melts using our clamshell and tart molds.

This botanical-based wax outperforms other waxes in the manufacturing, appearance and performance of wax melts and tarts.


• May be used alone – no need for universal additives, paraffin, or other non plant-based waxes
• Reduce set-up time
• Offers significant bloom/frost reduction
• Great mold release
• Creates a fragrance throw comparable to paraffin
• Allows for the addition of vibrant colors

Manufacturer: Golden Wax USA Imported directly from factory: Yes GMO Free: Yes
Fragrance Load: 6% – 10% Fragrance Temp: 75-82°C Pour Temp: 62-75°C
Melt Point: 80°C (+/-5°C) Form: Flakes Uses: Soy Melts, tarts

Here's a tipMelt the wax to the suggested fragrance temperature before adding your fragrance. Stir fragrance for at least 2 minutes and allow the wax to cool to the recommended pour temperature before pouring into your mold.


Candle Creations is the New Zealand agent for Golden Wax. Our wax comes to you fresh and direct from the USA manufacturer with a 100% quality guarantee (our wax is not parallel imported).

Glossary of wax specifications

Fragrance Load (FL): This is the percentage of fragrance that can be added to the wax. Learn more here.

Fragrance Temperature: The recommended temperature you should heat the wax to before adding your fragrance. Exceeding this temperature can damage the fragrance.

Pour Temperature: The recommended temperature for pouring your wax (and fragrance) into the candle jar.

Melt Point: The point at which the solid wax will melt, the lower the melt point the longer your candle will burn. This is also useful to know if you plan to transport or display your candles in a hot environment.

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