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Feathering Palm Wax

This commercial grade Feathering Palm Wax produces interesting and creative feathered wax patterns on the surface of the candle. This wax is excellent for votives & pillars and is designed to shrink away from the mould. Sourced from RSPO certified suppliers to ensure our support for the the environment.

Manufacturer: Various RSPO Certified: Yes Uses: Pillar candles, Votives
Fragrance Load: 10% – 12% Fragrance Temp: 75 – 80°C Pour Temp: 85 – 90°C
Melt Point: 60°C Form: Powder

Melt the wax to the suggested fragrance temperature before adding your fragrance. Stir fragrance for at least 2 minutes and allow the wax to cool to the recommended pour temperature before pouring to your jar. Experiment with blending soy/palm to your required percentage.

  • Do not pour below 65 °C as no crystals will be evident
  • Stir when necessary to release air trapped in the cavity at the top of the wax in the mould
  • Break hardened wax on the wax surface to facilitate stirring and topping up if necessary
Adding Fragrance to Palm Wax

You may have noticed some conflicting information above; the pour temperature of this palm wax is higher than the recommended temperature for adding fragrance. This is not a typo. It’s true that palm wax needs a high pour temperature to achieve the desired crystallising effect (that’s a whole chemistry lesson itself). It’s also true that fragrances should be added at lower temperatures, closer to the melt point of the wax. This translates to usually around 70-75’C. This is to stop the fragrance boiling off and losing some of its top notes and potency.

So it becomes a quandry, that can only really be resolved by acknowledging that one must find a balance between the competing ideals. At temperatures above 85C most of the fragrances you get from us will lose some top notes if stored at that temperature for too long. One way to find a good balance would be to pour the fragranced wax hot, i.e. at 90C, but do not let it sit at that temperature for long between adding the fragrance and pouring. Every fragrance will be different but try experimenting to see if you can add the fragrance at around 75 degrees then gently increase the temperature before pouring at around 90C. It’s a balancing act between two competing and equally true principles and, as always, testing is the best way to learn to make fragranced pillar candles from palm wax.

Glossary and detailed pouring notes

Fragrance Load (FL): This is the percentage of fragrance that can be added to the wax. Learn more here.

Fragrance Temperature: The recommended temperature you should heat the wax to before adding your fragrance. Exceeding this temperature can damage the fragrance.

Melt Point: The point at which the solid wax will melt, the lower the melt point the longer your candle will burn. This is also useful to know if you plan to transport or display your candles in a hot environment.

Pour Temperature: The recommended temperature for pouring your wax (and fragrance) into the candle jar.

Additional information

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