Wick Holder Metal


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Wick Holder – Metal

This is a commercial grade wick holder for securing your wicks during the pouring and setting process. A robust alternative to wooden sticks, these sturdy metal wick holders are a must have for the serious candle maker and will hold your wick straight and taut in the container every time.

The metal wick holder features a series of grooves which are designed to sit securely inside the top of the candle jar to keep your wick centered. The holder also features three “keyholes” which enable you to easily lock your wick into place and keep it nice and tight (no need to worry about tying or clipping your wicks into place). The two outer keyholes are great for making a double wick candle.


Material: Metal
Size Guide: Suits jars up to 80mm diameter.


After securing your wick to the bottom of your jar (using a Wick Stickum), put the tip of the wick through the keyhole in the wick holder and center the wick holder in the middle at the top of your jar (usually the grooves of the holder will help achieve a perfect center). Now slide the wick into the narrow section of the keyhole to lock it in place.


Make sure that the wick is nice and tight so that it cannot bend once the wax is poured. A well made candle requires the wick to be centered all the way down the candle to ensure a consistent burn.



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