3D Cube Silicone Soap & Candle Mold

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This mold is a 3D cube Silicone mold that is perfect for creating individual bars of soap or cool candles. The mold makes 1 cube and is made of silicone for easy release.

Mold Dimensions: 5.7cm x 6.0 cm

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    3D Silicone Soap/Candle Mold

    This 3D Cube Silicone Mold mold is easy to use and is perfect for soap or candle making. The silicone mold is soft and easy to use and makes a 3D cube, also known as the popular ‘Bubble Candle’. The molds are easy release and simple to clean.

    Mold Dimensions: 5.7cm x 6.0cm

    Wick recommendation: ACS 5.5 or CDN 10

    Helpful Product Information:
    Material: Silicone Style: 3D Cube
    Height: 5.7cm Bar Length: 6.0cm
    Bar Width: 6.0cm Max Temperature: 210ºC

    Melt & Pour Soap: Pour melted soap into silicone mold.  Allow soap to cool at room temperature until hard. Carefully remove soap from mold by gently pulling the sides away from the soap, and then push on the bottom of the mold until the soap starts to release. Grab hold of the soap and carefully pull out of the mold.

    Candle: We recommend using Phoenix Pillar Blend or All Seasons A27 Soy Wax. Pour melted soy wax into silicone mold. If you want to thread a wick through the mold put a pin pick in the silicone and then push the wick through. Wrap some blue tack around the outside of the wick to stop it from leaking.

    Hand wash mold in warm, sudsy water.

    1 review for 3D Cube Silicone Soap & Candle Mold

    1. Debbie Fry

      Love this mold. Easy to use. Enjoyed making it in layers. I used the All Seasons 27 wax. Hold colour and fragrance well. Look magic when completed

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