There’s no doubt about it, E commerce is a hassle free way to shop for all your candle and soap making supplies from Candle Creations. We have all the best-quality products in stock, ready to be sent from our warehouse in Auckland to your doorstep anywhere in New Zealand. Products to make wonderful gifts of candles, soaps, reed diffusers and more. Put them under the tree, gift them to a friend, sell them at the markets, whatever you do we’re here to help you.

One thing our customers have come to appreciate about our online delivery service is that we are pretty fast, usually! But at this time of year (October to December) things tend to get hectic and even though we shift into overdrive, you will find that orders can take a little longer than usual.

So we’ve put together a list of top tips to help make sure your order gets delivered before Santa slides down the chimney! In order of importance, here they are!

Top tips for getting your order delivered as fast as possible!

1. Order more items, less often

Without a doubt the easiest way to avoid the queues this season is to spend less time in them! Instead of placing small orders every other day, make one big order every other week, or month! If paying upfront for that big order is an issue, choose Afterpay in the checkout and spread out the payments.
The other benefit to this is you are less likely to be disappointed if/when we sell out of your favorite item!

2. Get in early!

Yep, just like the queue at the coffee shop, our queue builds at the same time every day, every week, every year…so don’t put it off…order now! By the way, our busiest day for dispatch is Monday when we are super busy processing the weekend orders. Consider ordering mid-week for a shorter dispatch time.

3. Make a list and check it twice!

At this time of year we get dozens of calls a day from customers who forgot to add “just one little thing” to their order. This sounds like an easy request but it is actually REALLY time consuming and slows down the entire dispatch process; not just for your order but all others as well.
So please check your orders carefully before you click the buy button; order once, order right!

4. Please make use of our FAQ’s section before you call us

Our focus at this time of year is 100% on picking and packing your orders and getting them out the door ASAP. When the phone rings, an email comes in, or a chat pops up….one of us stops packing orders to help you. We just ask you to please make sure you really do need help before picking up the phone. You can find information about our delivery times, ETA’s and stock availability, alerts, product information and tutorials. In fact just about any question you will ever have has been downloaded from our collective brains and into the website. Check out the FAQ section here.

5. Check your delivery address details

You’ll be amazed at how many orders we have to manually edit due to customers putting incorrect or  incomplete delivery addresses. This causes delays while we call or email you and wait for a reply. Please check your delivery address carefully and we’ll make sure your order gets to the right place!

6. Check your tracking link

If you’re wondering where your parcel is, simply click the tracking link in the email update that we send you once your order is dispatched. If you don’t have the email try checking your spam folder and if it’s not there the chances are your order has not been sent yet. Same goes for pickups, if we have not sent the email then it’s not ready to collect, sorry.

Some people mistakenly think it’s a good idea to order online then drive straight over to collect, that’s only going to cause disappointment.

7. Don’t push in!

Probably the most frustrating request we get is from customers asking if they can jump the queue. Everyone has a great excuse but it puts us in a tricky situation because we love to help but doing so means someone else misses out.
You wouldn’t walk into a busy cafe and tap the barista on the shoulder and say “hey buddy can you make my coffee first” right? It’s not cool in the cafe’ and it’s not cool online.

So there you have it

The top tips for getting your candle making supplies delivered efficiently this peak season whilst avoiding any stress. We have plenty of happy, helpful staff and helpers on hand and rest assured that we will be here, packing orders, until the last box has gone to the Christmas tree!

Happy shopping folks!

Santa packing orders