Ever since the sudden departure of EcoSoya’s stable of waxes back in late 2016 we’ve obviously been keeping a close eye on the pending release of NGI’s (now called EcoSoya Brands LLC and with a flash new logo) much-anticipated release of replacement waxes which we now know will be called Quantum wax. It was always going to be a tough ask to go from zero to full production of an entirely new range of waxes in just a couple of months as was NGI’s original announcement and, sure enough, here we are almost six months down the track and yet to see any samples. This, of course, has us all asking… will it be worth the wait? Only time and patience will tell but if we are to believe the hype from EcoSoya Brands then these are going to be some outstanding waxes. Here is the latest official update from EcoSoya Brands including product specifications.

Email from Ecosoya Brands received 16/05/17

Hi Everyone,
Our new waxes are made with technology we have developed and named Quantum. This technology is entirely new to the wax world creating bendable, pliable, and non-polymorphic wax. There is nothing like it around. And because there is nothing like it around, no manufacturing plant in the world has ever produced it. We are pioneering all of this. We then use this Quantum in our EcoSoya soy candle waxes.

As some of you may know, scaling up from lab production to pilot production to full scale production takes time and doesn’t always go as planned. That is what we have been experiencing. While we are solidly moving forward it is taking longer than we want or have planned. Our current estimate is a two week delay on sample shipping from today.

In the meantime, we have attached our Specification Sheet and revised Purity Statement for the new lines.

Those of you that are on our list for testing the new waxes will hear from me as soon as the waxes arrive. I’m sorry but we don’t have room on the list for any more testers at the moment. As always, we will keep you all posted of new developments.

Brian Simpson,
Candle Creations