Wick Tabs 20mm x 6mm (S)


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Wick Tabs 20mm x 6mm

Use these handy metal wick tabs to create new wicks from your off-cuts. Wick tabs are used to attach cotton wicks to the base of a container and are also a safety device to ensure that a wick cannot burn all the way to the bottom of the jar.


Material: Metal
Diameter: 20mm
Height: 6mm
Neck: Small
Uses for: Wick sizes below CDN22 or ACS9.0


1. Pass the wick through the center of the wick tab until one end of the wick is flush with the bottom of the tab.
2. Use a crimping tool (or a pair of long nose pliers) to crimp the tab tightly onto the wick. Your new wick assembly is now ready to use.


When crimping the wick tab be careful not to apply so much pressure that that base begins to bend.
Use a Wick Stickum to secure the wick tab assembly to the jar.



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