Wick Holder Wooden


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Wick Holder – Wooden

A must have to assist in holding your wick straight in the container while the wax sets. Wick Holders secure the wick in place while pouring the wax and during setting.


Material: Wood
Length: 115mm


After securing your wick to the bottom of your jar (using a Wick Stickum) put the tip of the wick through the hole in the wick holder and center the wick in the middle at the top of your jar. Now bend the wick so that it runs along the length of the stick (on top) and tuck it tightly around the end of the stick to keep it in place.

Here's a tipTips

Make sure that the wick is nice and tight so that it cannot bend once the wax is poured. A well made candle requires the wick to be centered all the way down the candle to ensure a consistent burn.



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