Veluto Gift Box Maxi White


SKU: 01566W-36


Maxi Veluto Gift Box White

This Maxi Veluto gift box is a thick, strong, retail gift box featuring a top sleeve lid and a classic design. Dress with your own labels and branding to create the perfect retail pack for your candles. These boxes are also perfect to use as a gift box for many other projects and items.


Use for: Primarily designed for the Veluto Maxi candle jar and lid.
Colour: White
Outside Dimensions: Height 135mm x Width 132mm x Depth 132mm.
Internal Dimensions: Height 130mm x Width 123mm x Depth 123mm.


Also available in large and medium sizes.

Additional information

Weight 7.228 kg
Dimensions 59 × 44 × 44 cm


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