VanillaFragrance Oil

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A traditional and simple vanilla aroma.

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Vanilla Fragrance Oil Notes
Top Notes: Ylang ylang, orris, lemon
Mid Notes: French vanilla, apricot, tonka, milk notes
Dry Notes: Sandalwood, jasmine, white musk
Usage Guidelines

Winter warning: Vanilla crystallizes in cooler weather, please shake well before use and/or sit your fragrance bottle in hot water prior to use.
Vanilla fragrance is suitable for use in the following products up to the maximum percentages shown.

Candles: 6-12% Bar soap: 3.7% Liquid soap: 3.7%
Reed diffuser base: 3.7% Creams and lotions: 6.2% Lip products: 0%
Discolouration: TBA Phthalate Free: Yes Country of Origin: USA
pfreelogo-ribbon-357wx99h-491OWL_CandleCreations_FSNote that many recipes will not require or perform at the maximum levels listed here, your own testing is required. As such Candle Creations takes no responsibility for the quality and performance of your finished product.


  1. kim oliver

    Love this one! Truly smells like vanilla, maybe a tiny bit sweet, but a definite favourite with my customers!

  2. Anneliese Windlebourne

    A huge hit! This smells like vanilla icecream on a hot summers day – YUMMM!

  3. Rochelle White

    Best ever vanilla…. my friend use to buy from Peter Alexander but not anymore …. she loves it so she pays me instead 🙂

  4. Katie

    Definitely a hit, smells very close to the expensive Glasshouse Taha candle. Recreate for a fraction of the price!
    Will be my go to from now.

  5. pagan-moon

    One of the best vanilla fragrances I’ve tried, smells good enough to eat!

  6. Kimiwai

    The best vanilla FO ever!!! I love a good vanilla scent, my all time favourite and this is the best by far

  7. Kelsey

    The best vanilla out of the many many vanillas I have tried. If you want a Glasshouse smelling candle, this is the vanilla you need!

  8. Rachel Youngson

    Pretty good scent! Strong throw

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