USB Portable Candle Lighter

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A ‘must-have’ for lighting your candles.

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USB Portable Candle Lighter

This product uses a lithium-ion rechargeable battery to generate an electronic charge that will light your candle every time. No flames or matches, just a simple ignition point that lights as soon as it touches the wick.


Push up the switch after pressing the safety button, and the arc on the top of the ignition port will form a charge.

Light the wick by placing this charge on the wick slowly and lightly.

Release the switch once lit.

The lighter is rechargeable simply insert the charging wire into the USB interface at the bottom of the product.


The lighters are sold separately. Please keep lighters out of reach of children.

Do not place the unit into water or any other liquid.



  1. Mark

    What a nifty gadget! I bought a couple of these, thinking they might be an improvement on my trusty old gas lighter. Are they ever! Absolutely fascinating how that intense little spark discharge lights up the candles so efficiently. Next best thing to a magic wand…

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