Universal Additive

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Universal Additive

Universal Additive (UA) is a versatile vegetable monoglyceride additive that is primarily used in candle making to help fragrance oil bind better to the wax. It also aids in the long-term retention of the scent, helps reduce mottling (lumpy tops) and helps to reduce bubbles forming in the candle as it cools. As a bonus, it also adds a nice gloss finish to soy candles.

Made in: USA Natural Vegetable Based Form: Powder
Usage 0.5 – 1% Use for: Container candles, Votives, Melts

Add the recommended amount of additive while melting your wax. Note that you only need a tiny amount; 1kg of soy wax only requires a maximum of 10 grams of additive.


By adding 10% of our specially formulated Universal Additive you can turn GW416 into a wonderful tart and votive wax that pops straight out of the mould.

Whenever you add additional ingredients to your candle recipe be aware that some adjustment to wick size may be required. Experimentation and testing is always advised.


Additional information

Weight 0.250 kg
Dimensions 34 × 40 × 18 cm


  1. Tayla

    Really made a difference in the final product candle. Smooth as a babys bottom on the top

  2. Tessa Halligan

    This stuff is great. Definitely added that extra

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