TruWiks Wick Holder

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TruWiks Wick Holder

A must have to assist in holding your wick straight in the container while the wax sets, the TruWiks Wick Holder is manufactured in Australia and is made from 100% Recycled Plastic. Wick Holders secure the wick in place while pouring the wax and during setting. The TruWiks Wick Holder features:

  • Ball Joint Clip: TruWiks have a moulded ball joint clip, clamping and keeping wicks in their desired position for the pouring process.
  • Stepped Legs: With different jar types and sizes on the market, TruWiks stabilising arms are stepped in symmetrical increments making centering your wicks a breeze.
  • Single & Double Wick: Made for single and double cotton wicks. Can also be used for ribbon wicks and wood wicks by sliding straight through.

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Material: 100% Recycled Plastic
Length: 120mm

Width (Ball join closed): 11mm


After securing your wick to the bottom of your jar (using a Wick Stickum) put the tip of the wick through the hole in the wick holder and center the wick in the middle at the top of your jar.

Here's a tipTips

Make sure that the wick is nice and tight so that it cannot bend once the wax is poured. A well made candle requires the wick to be centered all the way down the candle to ensure a consistent burn.



  1. Leigh Whitehead

    These are great. I’ve tried several different wick holders, and these the best by far

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