The Tealight Bundle


Experience the allure of candlelight with The Tealight Bundle.

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    The Tealight Bundle

    Introducing The Tealight Bundle: Illuminate your space with elegance and style! Crafted to meet your decorative and functional needs, The Tealight Bundle is a must-have for both aspiring candle artisans and those seeking to enhance their space with warm, flickering light. The Tealight Bundle contains:

    Black Tealight Holder: A sleek and modern addition to your candle display.

    Gold Tealight Holder: Radiate warmth and opulence with the gold tealight holder.

    25x Polycarb Tealight Containers and 25x ACS 2.0 Tealight Wicks: Elevate your tealight game with these durable polycarbonate containers.


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