The Candle Maker

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Make candles at home with less mess, and better results, with the innovative new Candle Maker.  Works well with most container soy waxes. Take advantage of our introductory price.

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The Candle Maker

The Candle Maker by Chandler & Me is a ‘world first’ product designed right here in New Zealand. This innovative new appliance allows you to easily make a candle in 20 minutes with less mess and no fuss; there’s no need to muck around with double boilers, thermometers or any of the other gear you usually use! The Candle Maker is programmed to heat and stir your soy candle ingredients to the perfect temperatures, ready to pour to your candle jar.

Key benefits of the Candle Maker
  • Pre-programmed heating and stirring appliance (patent pending), no need for a double boiler
  • No mess no fuss option for making small batches of candles
  • Perfect for beginners and experienced candle makers
  • Ergonomically designed Chandler’s jug, 500ml capacity
  • Safe for children to use as there is no boiling water
  • Works best with GW464 or S16 soy waxes
  • 3 stage automated process
Best uses for the Candle Maker
  • Quick and easy to make a candle or two for home or as a gift
  • Great for making candles to test a new recipe or fragrance
  • Quick and easy way to refill for your candle jars
  • Make or refill one-off candles for customers
What’s included

This listing is for the Candle Maker appliance and the jug, it does not include ingredients and is primarily for candle makers who already make candles and understand how to measure the ingredients.
If you are looking for a complete starter pack along with pre-measured ingredients take a look here.

How it works

Making a candle in the Candle Maker is so easy, you don’t need a double boiler on the stove top, no thermometer required, no stirring, mixing or pouring jugs. Save all that gear for the big pours and large batch candle making! All the gear you need to make small batches of candles is incorporated into one nifty appliance.

Step 1 – add your soy wax (we recommend GW464 or S16) to the jug then press the first button and your wax will automatically be melted to the pre-set “add fragrance” temperature (this is calibrated for the Candle Creations range of fragrances)

Step 2 – a flashing light and beeper will alert you when it is time to add your fragrance, pour it in and press the button

Step 3 – when the last light flashes it is time to pour your wax into your jar.


Q. How much wax can the jug hold?
A. Up to 500mls of melted wax.

Q. What type of wax can I use?
A. The unit works best with GW464 or All Seasons Wax S16. It is not suitable for beeswax (yet).

Q. What is included with the Candle Maker on the Candle Creations website?
A. The base unit (heats and stirs your wax and fragrance) and the Chandlers jug. Plus an instruction booklet.


The Candle Maker has a 12 month warranty against any defects or faulty workmanship. However please note that the unit is designed for making soy candles using our range of soy waxes and fragrances. Any unintended use may void your warranty.

Where we ship to

We courier the Candle Maker all across New Zealand. It can also be purchased in Australia via one of our distributors. Please feel free to contact us for a current list of distributors. We are planning to launch in the USA towards the end of 2018. Please email us here to register your interest.

The story behind the product

The Candle Maker is the result of intensive research and development by Brian Simpson (whom many of you will know is the co-owner of Candle Creations). Having already sold thousands of candle making kits to budding candle makers across New Zealand, Brian noticed that a lot of home hobbyists struggled with getting the temperatures right, and that there was quite a lot of equipment and setup required just to make one or two candles. Surely there was an easier way? Brian researched the market and came up empty handed, so he decided to invent the machine himself. The end result is a unit that incorporates all of the traditional candle making equipment into one small appliance that controls the temperature and stirring during the key stages of the candle making process.

The product is due to be launched in the USA later this year as part of a retail brand called Chandler & Me and via our sister website. This brand includes pre-measured ingredients kits to go along with the Candle Maker, making life even easier. No more testing wicks, fragrance loads and pouring temps! You can check out that website here:

Having received many requests, Candle Creations customers can now purchase the Candle Maker (minus the ingredients pack) and then use your own bulk ingredients to create your own candle recipe’s.

We hope you have fun with this new product and that it helps you in your candle making adventures.

Feel free to drop us a line with any comments, feedback or questions.

9 reviews for The Candle Maker

  1. Monique S-A

    This candle maker is absolutely amazing – so easy to use and easy clean up and best of all it makes the perfect candle with smooth tops. I am totally loving my new candle making machine, finally a machine that allows you to do other things while the perfect candle is being blended.

    • Brian Simpson

      Hi Monique, thanks so much for your feedback. After a long time developing this machine it’s great to hear it is doing exactly what we wanted for our customers:)

  2. Adelle

    I received my candle maker today and I’m honestly already in love!! I had been doing tests for days to get the perfect looking finished candle and despite all the temp variations I just hadn’t achieved it. The candle maker nailed it! I was amazed! Now all we need is one a little bigger for those of us who like to make a few big candles at once!

    • Brian Simpson

      Hi Adelle, thanks for your feedback! We spent months perfecting the Candle Maker to deliver that lovely smooth top on the finished candle, so it’s great to hear our customers really appreciate it. Noted about the bigger one. Thanks again, Brian.

  3. Rae

    I want to give this more than 5 stars, I am like a kid at christmas. I purchased two one for myself and the other for a friend, and we used them tonight making melts, both of us just love it and can’t wait to get them out and use them again. So simple to use. Would love for it to have extra jugs that you could purchase seperately, so I could start on next batch while cleaning the used jug then complete perfection. Don’t hang about and wander, just purchase this it is so good, you too will love it too I am 100% sure.

    • Brian Simpson

      Thank you for your review Rae! Wow, candle making bringing friends together, that’s what we like:) We will make some extra jugs in our next production run and put them up for sale. Thanks again. Brian.

  4. Tania Rennell

    Love Love Love this wee gadget. Would like to see a bigger one made. Highly recommend to all.

    • Brian Simpson

      Thanks Tania, appreciate your feedback. We will put a bigger one on the wish list for development. In the meantime some customers are using two or more units side by side:)


    An absolutely incredible invention! The person who thought of this is a mastermind. This little gem of a machine takes all the guess work out of candle making – it’s just so easy! I love it so much I’m going to buy another one.


    PS: I agree with Tania – a bigger one would be amazing. Even better, a bigger one that comes with two jugs 🙂

  7. Susan

    I love this little machine, so clean and so easy to have a perfect candles all the time.. i would love to have a bigger one and extra jugs.

    • Brian Simpson

      Thanks Susan! Glad you love the Candle Maker. We are working on a bigger jug for it….

  8. Amy

    I’m new to candle making and feel so lucky to have come across this for my first attempts! All my candles are coming out great and so easy to use. Don’t really want to recommend it to my friends as I don’t want them to know how easy candles are to make 😉

    • Brian Simpson

      Thanks for the review Amy. Glad to hear the Candle Maker is helping you out with your candle making. Don’t keep it a secret! Brian.

  9. Mark – Rotorua

    This thing is brilliant! Most of the candle containers I am filling are 500ml and the jug holds just enough to cope with this size of pour. What impressed me most was the efficiency of the stirring function and this, together with the automatic melt temperature control and easy cleanup takes all of the tedious chores out of candle-making. And it’s so neat and compact. I couldn’t believe anything so little could be so good!

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