100ml Diffuser Jar Square w Diamond Design Small

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Square Diamond Design Diffuser Jar

Square Diamond Design Diffuser Jar holds up to 100ml of diffuser oil. The glass comes bundled with a polished silver bung which allows you to easily transport filled jars to market or to present as a gift.


Overall Height: 100mm
Width: 55mm square
Volume: 100ml

Retail Packaging (sold separately)

This reed diffuser jar fits our small reed diffuser box, available in black or white


Fill the glass with fragrant diffuser oil which you can easily prepare by mixing our specially formulated diffuser base oil with any of our fragrances. Then simply insert the desired number of reed sticks making sure to immerse both ends of the sticks at first use. We recommend turning over your reeds every week or so to maintain optimal scent throw.


You can use any of our fragrances and mix with diffuser base oil, we recommend a 70/30 mix of oil to fragrance.


Be careful not to spill base oil on delicate surfaces. Keep out of reach of small children.

2 reviews for 100ml Diffuser Jar Square w Diamond Design Small

  1. Steph

    Everyone who I have made a Diffuser for in one of these jars have absolutely raved about how amazing they are!!

  2. Tracey

    Love the jars & they smell great, but the lids are really hard to get in & out.

    • Brian Simpson

      Hi Tracey, thanks for the feedback. Yes they are tight, try a lick of olive oil or similar and they go on much easier:)

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