Soap Dye – Liquid Coral


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Liquid Coral Soap Dye

Water soluble liquid coral soap dye for soaps and lotions. Our liquid soap dye is the most concentrated & soluble available and works really well with our range of melt and pour soap as well as in bath bombs and many other bath and body products. Easy to measure, highly soluble, no dusting as found with powders, easily mixed to create unique shades.

General Usage Guidelines
Melt and Pour Soap: Yes Cold Process Soap: Yes Bath Bombs: Yes
Lotions: Yes Nails: No Lips and Eyes: No
Amount to add: 0.05% – 0.1% Solubility: Water based only Storage: Ambient, sealed

Measure by either weight or volume & do not alternate methods of measurement between batches. Measuring the same product by weight or volume will give you different results and consistency is the key. We recommend using our Pipettes for dispensing liquid dye.

The recommended maximum temperature for working with our liquid soap dye is 85 degrees Celsius. Working at higher temperatures or prolonged exposure to heat can degrade the colors causing fading or color alteration to appear.

This liquid dye is highly soluble and does not require extensive mixing. Add a little dye, stir and test, add more until you reach your desired shade.


These dyes are especially good in Melt & Pour glycerin soap. Sometimes in Cold Press soap they can shift colour so your own testing is required.
The amount of dye required can be affected by the opacity of the product and the type and amount of fragrance you are using. Some fragrances can react with the colorants resulting in a brownish or greyish cast. Therefore your own testing is required.

These PCD dyes can not be called fully natural, in fact 100% natural colours are a very, very difficult and pricey product to make. You’re restricted to effectively using things like beetroot extract, or crushing up plants and beetles. Although the industry is making advances in this regard to create natural colourants, but we’re not at a commercialisation stage yet.

That being said, the carrier of the dyes is vegetable in origin (vegan friendly, not tested on animals, sustainably sourced), it’s just that the active colourants are synthetic.

Disclaimer: Based on the advice above we do not offer refunds for liquid dyes if they are not suitable for your particular situation. Your own testing is required.


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