Smart Gift Box Large Black


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Large Smart Gift Box – Black

This large ‘smart’ black gift box is a thick, strong, retail gift box featuring a top sleeve lid that fits onto the box. The box is considered ‘smart’ as it can be used to fit a range of jars with varying heights. The maximum diameter is 98mm and height of 110mm – 155mm tall. The lid is designed to sit higher or lower depending on the size of the jar in the box.

Dress with your own labels and branding to create the perfect retail pack for your candles.


Use for: 852, 478, Medium Geo, Rockstud, Large Vogue, Renee, Bujarda (can be used with or without lids on jars)
Colour Options: Black | White
Outside Dimensions: 105mmW x 105mmL x 114mmH (Lid Height: 70mmH // Base Height: 110mm // Smart adjust: 80mmH)
Internal Dimensions: 98mmW x 98mmL x 110mmH (Max. adjustable height: 155mmH)


Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 55 × 55 × 26 cm


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