Diffuser Base Oil

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Reed Diffuser Base Oil

Reed Diffuser Base Oil from Candle Creations is specifically formulated to provide maximum scent dispersion when mixed with our candle fragrances. Mix this high quality diffuser base oil with our fragrance oils to create your own scented diffuser oil.


Mix this diffuser base oil with our fragrances and use in Reed Diffusers, Car Diffusers and Diffuser Flowers.

For reed diffusers we recommend a mixture of between 25-50% fragrance oil with 50-75% diffuser base however you should test your own ratios with your chosen fragrance as too much fragrance can prevent correct capillary action of the reeds. This is especially the case with thicker fragrance oils such as vanilla; experimentation is the key. We have tested a number of fragrances at a ratio of 30/70 fragrance/oil and the scent throw is very good with 8 reeds. Mix and flip the reed sticks once a week.

Your diffusers should last for approximately 3 months depending on your ratio and quantity of reeds used.

For Car Diffusers you can use up to a 50:50 mix depending on your desired intensity.


Reed diffuser base oil can damage painted surfaces. If spilled on delicate (including dashboards) or painted surfaces clean with water immediately.


  1. Holly Price

    Easy to use and allows the fragrance to give of an amazing throw!

  2. turnerclannz

    It lasts beautifully and gives a nice scent

  3. Rachel Youngson

    1/3 of one was leaking when the package arrived. Good base otherwise

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