Mosaic Jar Pink Crackle

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Mosaic Jar – Pink Crackle

These gorgeous pink crackle candle jars are of a high quality and look stunning when in full glow. Use either as a container candle (filled with soy wax) or with a tealight.


Recommended Fill Volume: 160ml (3/4 full)
Maximum Volume: 210ml
Wax Weight: 115g
Height: 65mm
Maximum Outside Diameter: 85mm
Wick Suggestion: ACS 7.0 or CDN 16


This jar works well with a tea light or filled with soy wax; experiment with fill levels between 1/2 and 3/4 full. Always ensure that your glassware is clean and dry prior to wicking and filling.

Protective Packaging

12 packs and carton lots are securely packed in poly foam liners.

Gift Packaging

This mosaic fits into our Medium Gift Box Black or Medium Gift Box White. Use some tissue paper or straw to pad out the box and protect the jar.


We are unable to offer mixed dozens sorry, for a mixture you should order a range of single mosaics.Here's a tip
*Our wick suggestion is recommended as a starting guide and can vary. Your own testing is required to determine the best wick for your candle.

Glossary of jar specifications

Recommended Fill Volume: This is the liquid volume of the jar filled to our recommended level for a finished candle (allowing room for the wick and a lid if appropriate).

Maximum Volume: The maximum amount of liquid the jar can take before overflowing.

Wax Weight: The amount of soy wax (in grams) you need to weigh and melt to fill the jar to the recommended fill volume (includes allowance for a 10% fragrance load).

Maximum Outside Diameter: This refers to the external diameter of the jar at its widest point. The outside diameter is useful for choosing a suitable box to package your candle.

Wick Suggestion: A “starting point” for your wick choice. Your own testing is always required to determine the best wick for your candle recipe.

Additional information

Weight 6.281 kg
Dimensions 36 × 25.5 × 54.5 cm


  1. Mark

    Another very attractive jar. I bought a few to try out and wound up buying all of the crackle-finish ones. They can turn tealights into jewels!

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