Mighty White Bundle


A great combination of Libbey and Decoroc white painted jars for you to purchase for less. Grab yourself a bundle and gift throughout the year!

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    The Mighty White Bundle

    The Mighty White Bundle has been created with 6 high quality white jars for you to use for your candles. The jars are painted white with a gloss paint and then baked on making it super tough. There are 3 of each jar giving you two great options of candle vessels.

    Libbey Cylinder Jar 851 Gloss White

    The Gloss White Cylinder Jar 851 has clean classic lines and dimensions and can be used to create a beautiful natural soy candle. The internal gloss paint is non-toxic and baked on making it super tough and will not easily scratch or peel. This is without a doubt the highest quality painted candle jar of this size available on the market.

    Decoroc Jar Gloss White

    These Gloss White Jars by Decoroc are pure quality with a durable gloss white finish.

    These stunning painted tumblers offer a premium look to your candles. Being opaque, you never need worry about ‘wet spots’ or imperfections showing through in your finished candle, this saves time and rework costs and allows you to command a higher price for your candles. Many leading retail candle brands use opaque glass for these reasons.


    Jar Specifications

    Brand: Libbey
    Recommended Fill Volume: 350ml
    Maximum Volume: 425ml
    Wax Weight: 261g
    Height: 76mm
    Inside Diameter: T:90mm
    Outside Diameter: T:96mm
    Wick Suggestion: ACS 9.0 or CDN 24

    Jar Specifications

    Brand: Deocoroc
    Recommended Fill Volume: 300ml
    Maximum Volume: 370ml
    Wax Weight: 250g
    Height: 101mm
    Inside Diameter: 79mm
    Outside Diameter: T:82mm
    Wick Suggestion: ACS 8.5 or CDN 20


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