Liquid Candle Dye Orange


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Liquid Candle Dye – Orange

Our liquid candle dye is the most soluble candle colorant available, use it when you want a candle to be dyed throughout (not over-dipping). Liquid dye is more concentrated then dye blocks, it is virtually free of insoluble matter and there is no dusting as can be found with powders.

General Usage Guidelines
Use in Soy Wax: Yes Palm Wax: Yes Paraffin Wax: Yes
Mixable colours: Yes UV Fade: Yes Fragrance Compatibility: Excellent
Solubility: Oil based only Storage: Away from sunlight
For pale shades add: 1 drop/1L wax For medium shades add: 5 drops/1L wax For dark shades add: 10 drops/1L wax

Liquid dye is highly concentrated, add a few drops at a time to your melted wax, usually after you have added your fragrance. Dab a spot of wax onto a white surface (such as a porcelain plate) to test the density of your colour. Keep adding dye until you are happy with the colour.


Adding dye to your recipe can affect other areas of the candle system, especially the wick size, so testing is always required. The recommended percentages we have listed here are a starting point and you should experiment to achieve your desired colour intensity.Here's a tip

If your candle is to be exposed to sunlight or harsh lighting consider adding a UV colour inhibitor.

Not suitable for soap!

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