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Lilac Car Diffuser

This cute little Lilac Car Diffuser holds 10ml of scented diffuser oil (sold separately). Simply fill the jar with a mix of our premium diffuser base oil and any of our fragrances and and hang the diffuser in your desired location. Perfect to hang in the car, wardrobe, laundry or any small space. The set comes bundled with the diffuser jar, a plastic bung (so you can transport these when full), a screw on wooden diffuser cap and rope, all packaged within a window display box which makes this the perfect little fragrant gift for giving to friends or selling at your local market.


Brand: Candle Creations
Material: Painted glass
Package Height: 125mm
Package Width: 70mm
Package Depth: 60mm
Volume: 10ml


Unscrew the wooden cap and remove the plastic bung. Then fill the jar with 10mls of a mix of diffuser base oil/fragrance oil.
If you are reselling the diffuser replace the bung and screw the lid back on and re-hang the diffuser within the retail box.
If you are using the diffuser right away then there is no need to replace the bung, simply screw the wooden cap back on and tip the bottle upside down for about ten seconds so that the wooden lid absorbs the fragrant oil.
Hang the diffuser in a safe place and enjoy. Tip the bottle as required to refresh the fragrance.


You can use any of our fragrances and mix with diffuser base oil, we recommend a 70/30 mix of oil to fragrance.


Be careful not to spill base oil on delicate surfaces. Keep out of reach of small children.

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  1. debbie martin

    these are fantastic and I am now supplying them to a local car yard and the customers thinks they are so cute and its great that they can be refilled and not just thrown away when finished.

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