Large Flat Glass Lid Libbey 70380


1($3.10 each)$3.10
12($2.95 each)$35.40
72($2.80 each)$201.60
SKU: 01349-72


Libbey 70380 Flat Glass Lid

The Libbey 70380 Flat Glass Lid is supplied with a silicone seal and designed specifically for the Libbey 478 candle jar and other assorted Libbey jars.


Brand: Libbey
Material: Glass and Silicone
Color: Clear Glass
Fits: 478, 612, 996, 997


Dressing your candle jar with a lid provides the finishing touch and is an opportunity to add some style and flair to your candles. A candle lid also acts to protect a candle from dust and foreign matter, as well as being a preferred method for extinguishing the candle.


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