Intermediate Candle Making Kit


An affordable and fun way to make 4 beautiful soy wax bowls including retail boxes and metal lids. Have fun multi wicking and using wooden wicks or make as gifts for friends for under $25 each!

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    Intermediate Candle Making Kit

    The intermediate candle making kit has been designed so you can experiment multi wicking jars with both cotton and wooden wicks. We have pulled together a kit that contains everything you need to make 4 beautiful soy candle bowls using the gloss white cylinder jar from Libbey. This jar has clean classic lines and the internal gloss paint is non-toxic and baked on making it super tough and will not easily scratch or peel. This is without a doubt the highest quality painted candle jar of this size available.

    The candle kit includes two different wicks; our cotton wicks and our ultimate wood wicks. This means that you can make 2 candles and multi wick these jars using the cotton wicks supplied and then make two more using the ultimate wood wicks. This enables you to create new candles without the worry that they may turn out wrong or not burn correctly. We have also included just the right amount of fragrance and wax for these jars so you can simply enjoy making then as much as you do burning them.

    Kit Includes:

    4 x 851 Libbey White Cylinder Jars
    4 x 83mm Metal Lids
    4 x ACS 4.0 Wicks
    4 x Ultimate Wood Wicks #3
    4 x Best Selling Fragrance Oils (30ml)
    6 x Wooden Wick Holders
    4 x Wick Stickums
    1 x Bag of GW464 Soy Wax
    4 x Short White Bowl Retail Box


    Jar Specifications

    Brand: Libbey
    Recommended Fill Volume: 350ml
    Maximum Volume: 425ml
    Wax Weight: 261g
    Height: 76mm
    Inside Diameter: T:90mm
    Outside Diameter: T:96mm
    Wick Suggestion: ACS 9.0 or CDN 24


    If you are making all of the candles at the same time then melt all the wax from the kit until it reaches 75-80 degrees. Then add your fragrance and stir constantly for 2 minutes. You will need to prepare your jars with the wicks before the wax is ready to pour. To do this you will need to double wick your jars. We have done the calculations for you but you will need to imagine the jar is cut in half and then place one of the wicks in the centre of the each half. You will need to do this for both the cotton wicks and the wooden wicks. (Please note that you only require stickums for the cotton wicks, the wooden wicks will fit into the wick sustainers and are heavier enough to stay in place). Once the temperature of your fragranced wax has dropped to 62 degrees then pour the wax into your wick ready vessel. Always ensure that your glassware is clean and dry prior to wicking and filling. Libbey jars (including painted jars) can be safely washed in warm soapy water and reused several times over.

    NotesHere's a tip

    *Our wick suggestion is recommended as a starting guide and can vary. Your own testing is required to determine the best wick for your candle.

    Glossary of jar specifications

    Recommended Fill Volume: This is the liquid volume of the jar filled to our recommended level for a finished candle (allowing room for the wick and a lid if appropriate).

    Maximum Volume: The maximum amount of liquid the jar can take before overflowing.

    Wax Weight: The amount of soy wax (in grams) you need to weigh and melt to fill the jar to the recommended fill volume (includes allowance for a 10% fragrance load).

    Inside Diameter: This refers to the internal diameter of the jar at its widest point. Depending on the shape of the jar there can be a top (T) and bottom (B) diameter listed. The inside diameter is important as you need to know this for choosing a suitable wick.

    Outside Diameter: This refers to the external diameter of the jar. Depending on the shape of the jar there can be a top (T) and bottom (B) diameter listed. The outside diameter is useful for choosing a suitable box to package your candle.

    Wick Suggestion: A recommended “starting point” for your wick size. Your own testing is always required to determine the best wick for your candle recipe.


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