Fruit Wood & Rosemary Premium Fragrance Oil

Fruitwood & Rosemary is a fresh aromatic blend with fruity top notes followed by mid notes of garden herbs and delicate florals and a wonderful heavy base of woody notes including fruit, sandal and cedarwood all beautifully blended with vanilla and musk.

30ml $8.50
100ml $28.00
250ml $63.00
500ml $125.00
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The Fragrance Pyramid

5 - 15 mins

Top Notes: First Impression

Fruity Fresh

20 mins - 6 hrs

Middle Notes: Body of the Fragrance

Herbal Garden, Sweet Floral, Red Berries

> 6 hrs

Base Notes: The Fragrance Foundation

Wood & Musks, Vanilla

Herbal Garden / Aromatic Woods / Fruity

A fresh burst of herbal goodness with woody undertones and summer berries.

Top Notes: Bergamot, Green Apple, Casaba Melon

Mid Notes: Rosemary, Muguet, Freesia, Jasmine, Raspberry, Rhubarb, Clove

Dry Notes: Fruitwood, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Tonka, Vanilla, Musk

Essential Oil Callouts

  • Rosemary Essential Oil

Benefits of Olome Fragrance Oils

  • EPA Approved
  • Free from UV Inhibitors
  • Free from Phthalates
  • Not Tested on Animals

Usage Guidelines Table

Fruit Wood & Rosemary
Premium Fragrance Oil is suitable for use in the following products up to the maximum percentages shown

Candles: 6-12%
Bar Soap: 20%
Liquid Soap: 20%
Reed Diffuser Base: 20%
Creams and Lotions: 5-11%
Lip Products: 0%
Discolouration: TBA
Phthalate Free: Yes
Country of Origin: USA

2 reviews for Fruit Wood & Rosemary Premium Fragrance Oil

  1. lisabrooky

    My order arrived today and I LOVE the fragrance!! I think it reminds me of Ecoya Lotus Flower, I’m still trying to work it out. Either way, it’s sooo good! My lounge smells amazing! Will be ordering the bigger size in the next day or 2.

  2. wendycain

    Beautiful fragrance, looking forward to trying the others

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