Floral Fragrance Sample Pack


This pack contains a mix of five different floral fragrances. They have been chosen to give you an idea of the range of floral scents we have available, from powerful blooms of roses to delicate notes of jasmine.

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    Floral Fragrance Sample Pack

    It can be hard to select fragrances for your candles, especially when there are so many to choose from! With our range of different Sample Fragrance Packs, we have selected fragrances that we think you’ll love, as well as best sellers. These 30ml bottles are the perfect size for testing and will allow you to make a 300ml candle, great for if you are wanting to try a fragrance before buying larger quantities.

    The Floral Range includes 5x 30ml bottles of:

    Cherry Blossom
    French Lavender
    Black Orchid
    Rose Petals

    Please note that fragrances may be substituted depending on product availability.



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